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Save Money With My Grocery Spy!

Comparing Atlanta Grocery Prices is the Key to
Significant Money Savings

With the cost of Groceries going up, I had to do something about how much I was spending at the grocery store. I saw prices go up 25% at one grocery store and be 30% less at the grocery store down the street ... on the same shopping trip! I needed a way to find out what stores had the best prices and bargains on the items I wanted ... before I went shopping.

I tried keeping a grocery price diary, but it was a real pain! And, I never knew if or when unadvertised grocery specials were being offered. I needed the ability to check grocery prices and Atlanta grocery bargains in all the stores, so I knew where the grocery deals were before I made my grocery list.

I knew if I needed help keeping my grocery spending within a budget (without living on Ramen Noodles) other people needed help too.

So, I built My Grocery Spy! Now, our members are saving Hundreds every month!

You don't have to use coupons to save

  • We have professional price checkers all across the Atlanta area ... twice a week.
  • They check Grocery Prices and spot the Grocery Bargains on hundreds of items at your favorite grocery stores and input prices in to a format that is easy for you to use!
  • Our price checkers up date you on changing prices every Thursday and Sunday!

Find the best grocery prices with the click of a mouse

  • You can plan your grocery shopping to get the maximum savings!
  • Spot the best Grocery Bargains at a glance!
  • Discover pricing cycles at your favorite stores!
  • Save even without coupons! But, it's perfect for coupon matching too.
  • A one stop place to find the items you want and which stores have them at the lowest price!
  • Print out your "lowest price" shopping list by the stores you choose, or even have it sent to your cell phone so you will have it with you for last minute shopping!

TRY IT FOR 30 DAYS FOR A PENNY! You can't buy a piece of candy for that.

We guarantee it! We even guarantee it!

Unless you qualify for a spot on TLC's Extreme Couponing, MyGrocerySpy will help you save money on your groceries, every week, every time you shop. (And, if they used our service on EC, they'd probably never shop without it!)


Join Today, Start Saving Today

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